Why Stories and legends are necessary.

In every age, stories and legends are used as a channel to convey messages. They not only inspire people to understand the life but also motivate us. The interpretation may differ from one generation to another depending on how a person can put himself in the context.

Stories  are like basket of knowledge one can choose what he wants given he clearly know   he/she is actually looking for . The tradition of telling stories are still followed but with the entry of TV and internet in our living spaces, there is a lot of scope to have stories from around the world. But the problem arises when we read or understand story from a closed perspective.

The best example can be a tough time which can be seen by one person as challenging time to grow and by other as bad time. Stories must be read as it is ,without excessive thinking.

After doing that one should be open to have interpretations which he has understood while doing so. This may change if one read same story in different stages of life depending on our perception of world and understanding of one’s own nature.

In a way, each one of us create our own world as we grow with our own stories which we make in this world .Some of them end as one want  but some of them might end in an unexpected manner. Now one can always grow from the past to live in the present in a way to make a better future. Many people value sharing but how many of us really share what we had in past to what we could have in future .


2 thoughts on “Why Stories and legends are necessary.

  1. Aptly said we want things to be same always and in that phase we forget to appreciate the change as it is rightly said change is only permanent.


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