The Power of Subconscious Mind through Stories

The power of subconscious mind can be understood only when a person has  faith  in himself and life.This means that one is required to remain calm and focused. As long as the goal is clear, the subconscious mind will motivate one to take step in the right direction . Most of the times people don’t listen to it and complain about the external environment but those who listen and act accordingly, achieve what they intend.

With the clarity of goal, opportunities can be appreciated .As such opportunities must align with goal. In this whole process, one can experience both good and bad events.

But in retrospective, this experience gives us a feeling of being blessed that we grew after such an experience.In a way, we become wiser with experiences and our knowledge base expands. Later on, these experiences prove to be  one of the necessary things  for achieving the goal.

Starting with one of the stories of Mahabharata , where one child who wanted to learn archery approached a guru. Though the guru blessed  him, still he denied the child due to prevalent system of that time. Even after this the child  didn’t lose sight of his goal . On the contrary the child accepted him as guru and practiced the art using the statue of guru to motivate himself.

This story  can be viewed from the point of both the characters. The guru did what was expected from him. The story goes on and at a point of time, the child becomes a good archer, even better than the students of guru. Though the story does not end here. But the goal for both of them is different. For the child, it is to become good archer. On the other hand, for guru it is to ensure that royal prince becomes the best.

This story signifies the importance of will power and mind. In most of the holy books ,the benefits of oneness of  mind, body and soul  is reflected. If it is achieved, one will have a common understanding of goal in all the three states of mind, that is, conscious, deep sleep and sub conscious, which will always create positive energy.

In the present time where it is hard to find guru . The power of subconscious mind can be used for the growth. This is possible only when one has calm mind and clear goal in sight.



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