What colors to choose?

My soul wanted to express itself. And there is no alternative, other than expressing it in the form of colorful art in this festive season. Next thing, I was rushing to the market, searching for variety of colors. Just then, when I was in the market full of colors and lights, I paused for a moment and thought what color I wanted and in what quantity?

I inquired of my soul, what is the magnitude of art/creation we were talking about. The soul replied, ‘why are you keeping a limit on the colors before even starting’. I gave it a thought and took all colors which my heart wanted to create colorful art.


Rini preparing Rangoli


Is it always our choice to choose colors of our life? And if we are free to choose, then why don’t we listen to our soul which always guides us to the colors which we need to make a colorful life.


Rangoli made by Rini at Diwali

Finally, the above Rangoli (decoration) are the outcome.


Credits: Rangoli and photos by Rini

The Dream…

{ For my soulmate and wife, Rini  for inspiring and guiding me}


It was a silent night with a hope of bringing new morning light,

Amidst darkness, I missed the light as if it was my last fight .

I felt giving words to something , a will from my inner being ,

Alas!!!! I found none.

I wanted to share my dreams of beautiful twilight embellished in the darkness of night.

From the dream, I said  to myself and to my horror, I had died in the first morning light.

It was dreadful; how could i survive , the dream for the morning in the dark night.

I could have lived both day and night, but , it appeared as if different phases of life.

There lies calmness and serenity  in both happiness and misery, the world believes;

For me it was the destiny.

Time to wake up as light was calling , nonetheless, O night !!! you were also appealing,

It was a dream of soulmate , a dream taking different form every day, a dream never ending…..⁠⁠⁠⁠







One of the most beautiful parts of my training is that I get to live close to nature. Last few days after monsoons brought a new surprise to me. I saw a peahen outside my room, and then I saw another. I followed them with my camera and saw pea-chicks. The mother peahens were protective and were inspecting the place first. Afterwards, the pea-chicks would move fast between their legs and hide again.

vlcsnap-2016-10-10-00h44m40s512 (2).png

Afterwards, it became a routine for me to see them in the morning and in the evening. I found out that there were not two, but seven peahens, each having 2-3 chicks. Like every day, I woke up this day and walked up to my window to see them. They were nowhere in sight. I rushed to the shrubs where they used to roam, but with no luck. My heart began to sink and I felt something was missing. Now every morning, I used to get worried and at the same time, sad, thinking that why are they not coming near my window. It was not for peahens to come to my window, but indeed I was lucky to see them there. I realized that it has become an expectation that things should remain same.

Last Sunday, I visited my Alma mater, IIT Guwahati, with Rini. One’s college is a nostalgic place, for a lot of good memories belongs to it. I often tell her stories of my college days, so it was indeed a to-do task while being in Guwahati. As we were crossing Sarai Ghat Bridge on Brahmaputra and entering Amingaon, my smile was widening on the expectation of once again seeing the beautiful lush green campus. But as soon as we entered, I got alarmed and tensed about how things have changed. Instead of green fields, there were red bricks and grey cement constructions. New hostels have been made and there were building competing with the surrounding hills to stand higher. Although Rini was enjoying the lakes and the view, but I was not able to. Then we walked to those lanes which used to be covered by trees and gave a serene and romantic look to that road. But all there remained was a bituminous road and sun shining on it. I felt like I am stuck in this conflict arose out of memories and reality.

I turned to Rini and saw her smiling. She was enjoying the nature to the absolute and I also realized that things are beautiful. So what if it is not as it was in my head. The gap was between the expectation of what image I wanted to perceive and what there was. Rini said that it was not the change, but my incapacity to cope with it that was troubling me. And then the whole perception changed. On my right, came lot of ducks to welcome me back. Once again I felt the beauty of nature and got colored in the green of the scene.


Some changes are indeed necessary and hence inevitable. We discussed that it is good that there are more hostels and an increase in the intake, for more students will get degrees and the social implication of an educated youth cannot be ignored. Although funny, but it is true that we all seek change to feel lively, but so little are we able to appreciate the change we face unprepared.



 – Authored by Rini

(Photos by Avinash Kumar)