The Dream…

{ For my soulmate and wife, Rini  for inspiring and guiding me}


It was a silent night with a hope of bringing new morning light,

Amidst darkness, I missed the light as if it was my last fight .

I felt giving words to something , a will from my inner being ,

Alas!!!! I found none.

I wanted to share my dreams of beautiful twilight embellished in the darkness of night.

From the dream, I said  to myself and to my horror, I had died in the first morning light.

It was dreadful; how could i survive , the dream for the morning in the dark night.

I could have lived both day and night, but , it appeared as if different phases of life.

There lies calmness and serenity  in both happiness and misery, the world believes;

For me it was the destiny.

Time to wake up as light was calling , nonetheless, O night !!! you were also appealing,

It was a dream of soulmate , a dream taking different form every day, a dream never ending…..⁠⁠⁠⁠






6 thoughts on “The Dream…

  1. Quite poetic in nature dear Avinash.
    It is nice that you have taken to writing. That shows your creative side. I am happy for you.
    The theme has a lot of depth in it. That is the way i have understood .
    You speak about life in its entirety. Miseries compared to night and happiness to day.
    People presume that they will never come out of their miseries. That is the death that you are talking about aren’t you. But the next morning definitely comes.
    Presented in a poetic manner as i have already specified.
    2nd para the last word should be light and not fight isn’t it?
    Likewise 6th para delete the word THE while saying said to myself. Not the myself.
    Well done Avinash


    1. Yes madam, In finding peace and to be complete we search all through our life. Some search for knowledge and some for soulmate(for feeling divinity, one need to be complete). In 2nd para, it is fight. Every time we learn something in life we feel that struggle is over. And in some extreme circumstance we feel we will never move on in life.

      Thank you madam for your guidance.


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