What colors to choose?

My soul wanted to express itself. And there is no alternative, other than expressing it in the form of colorful art in this festive season. Next thing, I was rushing to the market, searching for variety of colors. Just then, when I was in the market full of colors and lights, I paused for a moment and thought what color I wanted and in what quantity?

I inquired of my soul, what is the magnitude of art/creation we were talking about. The soul replied, ‘why are you keeping a limit on the colors before even starting’. I gave it a thought and took all colors which my heart wanted to create colorful art.


Rini preparing Rangoli


Is it always our choice to choose colors of our life? And if we are free to choose, then why don’t we listen to our soul which always guides us to the colors which we need to make a colorful life.


Rangoli made by Rini at Diwali

Finally, the above Rangoli (decoration) are the outcome.


Credits: Rangoli and photos by Rini

3 thoughts on “What colors to choose?

  1. Very beautiful rangoli it is.Different colors lying there free from the fear of being judged. What a great thought you’ve shared.We should enjoy every colour of our life,bright or dull,joy or sorrow,for no one has seen tomorrow..!!!


  2. Wow awesome rangoli friend and so true that we must not create limitation on our self and our art, lets fill our entire life with all colors because every color is important.


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