Old and withered



Old and withered,

yet there remains something unfigured

Losing all notions

what is left of my emotions

Is it time to go ?

It is already ‘a long time ago’?

Why I am stunned?

For me, there is no pension fund

Is it the fear

to not be remembered?

Questioning my existence

I am feeling this resistance.

When lived as a unique identity

now why this attachment of terrenity?

No legacy, not even a name,

No one to make a claim.

May be it is the end of the game

but here, it all remains the same.

So why do I still stand here?

Am I waiting for a Shakespeare,

who will write on the stages of my life?

Look at that purple loosestrife

to whom I provide a shelter

hoping this purity can melt her.

I am to my mother, the nature

A little tree in her portraiture.


[ A random thought that occurred to me last weekend, while taking a stroll. Thanks to Rini, for she helps me express my emotions in poetic form sometimes.]



(Picture Credits: Avinash Kumar)


Up in the air, in the fairy lands

I can see the pictures made by beautiful hands.

Some familiar, some undrawn; changing like the black swan.

Whites and grey, paint them if I may

So beautiful to gaze, some swirls, some in a maze

On a blue canvas with wonderful whitewash

Some close to me, some close to sky

From girl’s locks to the cumulus, it varies.

Hopes and emotions that it carries.

They make me float, in feet and in my senses

when I call up, just then it condenses.

And if that wasn’t enough, it changes the color of green too,

the trees which were glowing in yellow of sun, now shining in the dew.

It plays with the soil, somewhere plain, other coyle.

Puddles where she jumps, and I swim in my trunks.

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Look! How has it changed from polluted to pure,

Sometimes milky white, sometimes dirty more

Never has occured to it – take rest

Doesn’t it think for its best ?

Dropping from the heights, making all sorts of noise

While coming down the valley, it plays the musical notes

I do not know who pulls such chords !

At one moment, I listen to its meditative tone

While at others, engulfed by its larger form

Standing there; I was enchanted

Ready to lose all, which I ever wanted.




Photo credits: Avinash

Edited by Rini

The Window

Out of the window there was a faint light; calling of the sunlight.

A gentle reminder of the promise, made a night before the morning bright.

Joyfully I looked out of the window to know that the world was glowing yellow

I was filled with passion since I learnt a new lesson

Today I will try to follow my conscience, which didn’t utter a lie

My ignorance has enveloped the earth which was not the purpose of my birth

If only it could stay to start this day.

My threshold consciousness broke the walls

to embrace the life before the night falls.



Photo Credits: Rini



Edited by Rini



It took all the courage to move on, move on the slippery sides , to walk in the dim lights

But among all these, there is a confession that it was a gentle progression

from long walks to bike trips,

It came all like a learning, which I recollect, was not the motive from the beginning,

not meant for others, but it came with others

and now when I recollect, I figure out it was worth a break

I made some friends with whom I had some adventurous ways for some rough days.

Now I travel more to feel that closeness (to nature) once more

O nature, to look for a friend who has remained true for all such travels,

for whom, there is not a single plan yet to unravel.

With every such adventure, I have enjoyed the company of my conscience,

which has remained silent or may be I didn’t listen to it.

while walking with you, I listened to you; and now I understood that I was a stranger in my own town

I grew and became old, for your learning has given me more ,

Of my share of happiness, I have given none,

lets take a walk to the destination still unknown.

For the beauty lies in the appreciation, rather than outer beautification

Lets take a walk where you can talk, secrets of the truth which are told no more

Lets travel in the distant place, remote, as they say, but ‘oh my conscience’ don’t remain at the bay

with you I can still move on.. in the woods for an unplanned trip, neither for fun, nor for life, but for me to celebrate.


Photo Credits: Rini