Up in the air, in the fairy lands

I can see the pictures made by beautiful hands.

Some familiar, some undrawn; changing like the black swan.

Whites and grey, paint them if I may

So beautiful to gaze, some swirls, some in a maze

On a blue canvas with wonderful whitewash

Some close to me, some close to sky

From girl’s locks to the cumulus, it varies.

Hopes and emotions that it carries.

They make me float, in feet and in my senses

when I call up, just then it condenses.

And if that wasn’t enough, it changes the color of green too,

the trees which were glowing in yellow of sun, now shining in the dew.

It plays with the soil, somewhere plain, other coyle.

Puddles where she jumps, and I swim in my trunks.

This poem was written by Rini and I, when we were enroute Meghalaya. Meghalaya means abode of clouds. All through the way it felt like clouds were welcoming us. One need not know the types of clouds to enjoy them. I remember from my childhood I used to look at them and see whether I can decipher any mystical creature hiding up in the sky.


Instead of boring you up more by writing philosphically about the trip, I was suggested by Rini to put up some photographs. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures as much as we enjoyed clicking them, and become an armchair traveller, even if it is just for few moments. 🙂


Shillong: Wish it was slightly less crowded.. [Photo credits: Rini]


Photo Credits : Avinash

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