The Necessity of Silence

The Green Study

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written here. I have to believe it is because I had nothing to say. It’s a novel concept these days – keeping one’s trap shut when one has nothing to say. We’re encouraged to engage, to talk our ruddy heads off, to comment on every news story, to chatter on about celebrity mishaps and political misdeeds. We get attention for jumping into the latest outrage. We link and like and re-whatever. The nonsensical cacaphony pummels us, creating mental calluses until one death, one wrongdoing, one injustice is the equivalent of a new gadget or somebody’s after-baby body or the on-the-rocks marriage of strangers.


To allow ourselves to grow tender again is a daring thing these days. We might not be seen. We might not have presence. The last year of personal and family mishaps, the last few years of vitriolic public…

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This Sunday morning, I woke up with a brush and paint on my mind. When my hands took them over, the following sketch came up on the paper. “Lady with garlands” is a portrayal of an Indian lady who is purest in her heart and one who blends with the nature. This is my initial attempts at human paintings, so it is natural to come up with mistakes.

But hey! When you have so much fun painting, then why care for a few things here and there. Rini is calling me for breakfast. Happy Sunday!

Lady with garlands


This weekend we sat together to draw something. I decided to try to draw my friends as fun. I used acrylic paint in last two Painting. Rini used watercolor for first painting.

Painting is fun but when you start drawing friends, it adds little bit of inspiration to keep going.

Paintings on a rainy day

On a rainy Sunday, some friends decided to challenge their painting skills which were not being used as much.

And finally we came up with above painting. From top , first two painting were done by adroit artist Jivisha, next two by me and last by my best friend Rini.

As nature was painting its canvas outside, we poured our colours in different canvases. The paint evening ended with some cheesy pasta and light moments laughing over cheesy Bollywood dance numbers.


İt is fun to see how imagination and art can be used to create unique forms.

In three days workshop, instructor helped us to put our imagination in presentable form.

It started with simple outlines

After three days it was one of the amazing work

Instructor with all participants..


Every drop of it knew thy name

The only one who I wish to gain

I raised my hand and asked for miracles

But it rained and rained

At last I gave my hope 

And took the corner

Thinking you might be in your slumber

Forgetting the age old promise which you hardly remember

But i was wrong

When the rain was over

I took the calender and counted days in number

To my surprise it was not the months 

 but the rains we missed

which we are going to remember.

Written by Avinash 

Photos and editing by Rini






दुनिया की विशालता देख, मैं बहुत परेशान हुआ
थोड़ा हैरान, थोड़ा निर्बाध हुआ

प्रकृति ने तभी एक छोटा उपाय दिया
थोड़े और ज़्यादा का भेद दिया
जीवन की महानता का नन्हा-सा एक मान दिया

उन्होंने कहा कि एक छोटा सा उपाय करना
स्वस्थ रहने के लिए छोटा एक माप रखना
अपने आप को व्यक्त करने के लिए छोटे मीठे शब्द रखना

मन प्रसन्न हो, मैंने भी खुद के चित से कहा
चलो आज एक छोटा कदम लेते हैं
परिणाम से हटकर एक कदम बाएं और फिर दाएं लेते हैं

यह एक अद्भुत बात बना देगा
लय और ताल का जादू यह
गीत और नृत्य के साथ सब कुछ सही राह पर ला देगा

मुझे माप की सुंदरता का एहसास हुआ
मानो खुद को मैं तभी प्राप्त हुआ
मैंने पक्षियों को कुछ करीब से देखा
बिना किसी नाप से, दृश्य की विशिष्टता को देखा

देखा खुद का छोटा रूप
जब दिख रहा था प्रकृति का विश्व-स्वरुप
अपने कर्त्तव्य को पूर्ण करने से पहले
लगने लगा मुझे यह अनुमान अनूप

मुझे बराबर भ्रम हुआ
इस मान, इस माप का मुझ पर ऐसा रहम हुआ
परिणाम की इच्छा भूल, सीमाओं को त्याग
उपाय को अपनाया मैंने | सारे माप छोड़ कर फिर जीवन की डोर को फिर बढ़ाया मैंने

अब न विलम्ब करो, सामान्य लक्ष्य नहीं यह
गाना और नृत्य करने के लिए एक उपाय ले आओ
यदि सूर्य आज अस्त और कल फिर से आता है
कल की अनिश्चितता में खुशी और नृत्य की सुगमता लाओ

आओ इस संसारिक धारणा के पुराने उपाय को भूल जाते हैं
और शुद्ध भावनाओं के अनोखे सागर में गोता लगाते हैं
मानवीय माप को आज छोड़ कर
विश्वरूप ग्रहण कर लेते है

इस दुनिया की अस्थायीता सीखकर
आध्यात्मिक दुनिया के अनोखे सौंदर्य को पीकर
इस क्षण का आनंद लेने के उपाय को ले आओ


ऐसे उपाय के बिना जीवन क्या है
जहा माप का कोई खेल न हो
चिरंजीवी हो या हो एक दिन के योद्धा
माप बिना उस सत्य परिणाम को ले आओ




Writtten by Avinash

Lot of editing and correction by Rini

Photos by Rini

The Dark Side

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Before we start i’d just like to apologise for our low activity on Rationalising the Universe as of late – given the Christmas period we’ve both been rather busy with family festivities but we’re about to jump back on the science wagon with full force. I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas!

Today we venture to the dark side in order to encounter the two most mysterious and shady characters in our universe: dark matter and dark energy.

Dark matter was first identified as the “missing mass” in galaxies and clusters required to explain their kinematic properties. The reason it is called ‘dark’ is because the matter does not emit or interact at all with electromagnetic radiation (such as light) it is therefore invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. We cannot see it in visible, we cannot see it in infrared, we cannot see it period. Observations of the…

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