This Sunday morning, I woke up with a brush and paint on my mind. When my hands took them over, the following sketch came up on the paper. “Lady with garlands” is a portrayal of an Indian lady who is purest in her heart and one who blends with the nature. This is my initial attempts at human paintings, so it is natural to come up with mistakes.

But hey! When you have so much fun painting, then why care for a few things here and there. Rini is calling me for breakfast. Happy Sunday!

Lady with garlands


Every drop of it knew thy name

The only one who I wish to gain

I raised my hand and asked for miracles

But it rained and rained

At last I gave my hope 

And took the corner

Thinking you might be in your slumber

Forgetting the age old promise which you hardly remember

But i was wrong

When the rain was over

I took the calender and counted days in number

To my surprise it was not the months 

 but the rains we missed

which we are going to remember.

Written by Avinash 

Photos and editing by Rini

The Connection


Photo Credits: Rini

You know me , only you do
From first night to this light
Only I was with you.

No, don’t think of me as past or future

Dear I am the one, whose company you always nurture .

When you felt lonely
You were seeking me

When you were happy
You were praying for me.

Each morning when you say to yourself,

“Today is the day when I am making rite

To love this person over whom I have my right.”

But O’ friend, How could you not see
I am the light of your eyes, the blood of your veins

I am the name that people take

Come to me and realise

Your world is not for others
But yours and mine⁠⁠⁠⁠