This Sunday morning, I woke up with a brush and paint on my mind. When my hands took them over, the following sketch came up on the paper. “Lady with garlands” is a portrayal of an Indian lady who is purest in her heart and one who blends with the nature. This is my initial attempts at human paintings, so it is natural to come up with mistakes.

But hey! When you have so much fun painting, then why care for a few things here and there. Rini is calling me for breakfast. Happy Sunday!

Lady with garlands

Paintings on a rainy day

On a rainy Sunday, some friends decided to challenge their painting skills which were not being used as much.

And finally we came up with above painting. From top , first two painting were done by adroit artist Jivisha, next two by me and last by my best friend Rini.

As nature was painting its canvas outside, we poured our colours in different canvases. The paint evening ended with some cheesy pasta and light moments laughing over cheesy Bollywood dance numbers.