The Connection


Photo Credits: Rini

You know me , only you do
From first night to this light
Only I was with you.

No, don’t think of me as past or future

Dear I am the one, whose company you always nurture .

When you felt lonely
You were seeking me

When you were happy
You were praying for me.

Each morning when you say to yourself,

“Today is the day when I am making rite

To love this person over whom I have my right.”

But O’ friend, How could you not see
I am the light of your eyes, the blood of your veins

I am the name that people take

Come to me and realise

Your world is not for others
But yours and mine⁠⁠⁠⁠



It took all the courage to move on, move on the slippery sides , to walk in the dim lights

But among all these, there is a confession that it was a gentle progression

from long walks to bike trips,

It came all like a learning, which I recollect, was not the motive from the beginning,

not meant for others, but it came with others

and now when I recollect, I figure out it was worth a break

I made some friends with whom I had some adventurous ways for some rough days.

Now I travel more to feel that closeness (to nature) once more

O nature, to look for a friend who has remained true for all such travels,

for whom, there is not a single plan yet to unravel.

With every such adventure, I have enjoyed the company of my conscience,

which has remained silent or may be I didn’t listen to it.

while walking with you, I listened to you; and now I understood that I was a stranger in my own town

I grew and became old, for your learning has given me more ,

Of my share of happiness, I have given none,

lets take a walk to the destination still unknown.

For the beauty lies in the appreciation, rather than outer beautification

Lets take a walk where you can talk, secrets of the truth which are told no more

Lets travel in the distant place, remote, as they say, but ‘oh my conscience’ don’t remain at the bay

with you I can still move on.. in the woods for an unplanned trip, neither for fun, nor for life, but for me to celebrate.


Photo Credits: Rini